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Made in Chelsea star and US socialite Stephanie Pratt is launching her second collection in collaboration with occasionwear specialist Goddiva for a/w 17, titled ‘French Kiss’, continuing the successful debut for s/s 17

Embracing modern day Hollywood glamour and a touch of classic femininity, silhouettes range from floor length pieces with thigh high slits and dazzling trains to party-season minis. Necklines vary from a deep plunge to Bardot and for those seeking something different, a low-cut open back. Fabrics include soft rich velvets, delicate lace, head to toe sequins and decadent beaded, embellishments.

The extensive 40-piece collection is offered in an on-trend pallet of dark tones of black, midnight blues, sultry scarlet and gunmetal greys through to softer shades of champagne, antique golds, blush pink and mink.



WWB caught up with Stephanie Pratt to find out how the collaboration came about and the inspiration behind the range.

What attracted you to the collaboration with Goddiva?
Having come from LA, I have always dressed very casually, but at the same time there is an element of Hollywood that growing up close to, has always inspired and excited me. Goddiva are the best in special occasion wear, so when I first discovered them, I was like ‘oh, please can we work together!’ It’s been such an amazing process.

What was the appeal in creating an evening / occasion wear line instead of a regular ready-to-wear capsule?
I think you just get more excited- or at least I do. It’s the research you put in when designing the next range. Taking inspiration from the red carpet, whether that’s Cannes Film Festival or the Academy Awards. It’s just so romanticised and special. A regular ready- to-wear line is great as it’s a means of expressing yourself day to day and creating an identity, but there’s definitely something different about occasion wear. The way it fits, the detailing in each design and the feeling you get when you put the gown on. It’s incredible.

In what ways does the range reflect your personal style?
Very much. Most of the designs are pieces I would like in my own closet. When I dress up, I like to dress up! So it was important to incorporate sequins, embellishments and other intricate detailing to make each piece feel really special.

You studied at FIDM (The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising) in California – to what extend did you draw on this experience and education in creating the line?
First of all, thank you because not everybody knows that that’s my background. I always wanted to be in fashion design so I went to FIDM and studied everything from science of textiles through to trend forecasting. Goddiva understood that I didn’t just want to put my name to the brand, that I wanted to be involved and that I did have the knowledge.

How much influence and creative input did you have in the creation of the range?
They gave me complete control. Everyone keeps asking me what my favourite piece is but it keeps changing minute by minute. I guess it’s because I understand how much has gone into each design and that’s the beauty of being entirely involved. I love all of the designs!

Did you have a specific design brief that you had to adhere to?
Not really. I think the one thing that Goddiva did understand that I didn’t, was which fabrics would work together. So, some of my initial ideas didn’t work due to fabrics not being able to sustain the adding of sequins or embellishments or lace. Apart from that, we had already discussed ideas of what we both wanted from this, so I think they trusted me.



How would you summarise the signature look?
The three S’s. Sultry, sophistication and style.

Who did you design with in mind?
I designed the pieces for London girls. These are all dresses that I’ve needed over the past three years of being based here in the UK. I think the collection covers quite a wide range of ages. I know I’ve had girls wearing pieces for their proms through to mother of the bride and black-tie events.

What are the key styles?
It would have to be the gorgeous embellishments and sequins. Another key component is the deep V necks, but I think the most important is the sleeves. Not only do they look uber chic when combined with the daring neckline, but also very appropriate for London’s autumn/ winter season.

Do you plan on doing any more fashion design work?
Absolutely! It’s all I think about. My phone memory is basically full because I’m constantly screen grabbing images for inspiration.

What are your future plans, personally and professionally?
Just to keep doing what I’m doing right now. I honestly want this so much and so to keep working hard and hoping that it all pays off. I enjoy my work so I am lucky.


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