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Premium London sneaker store Kickslove has won a new look of its own after beating hundreds of other top fashion retailers in PRS for Music’s national Music Makeover competition – just in time for its first birthday.

The store, which specialises in exclusive releases, limited edition footwear and brand collaborations, was founded by Lisa Barlow Weber – a sneaker obsessive with a personal collection of over 300 pairs – in the trendy South East area of Deptford Market Yard in October 2016, with a vision to provide a hub for the female sneaker community. Before that, she amassed over 15 years of retail industry experience, joining Footlocker at the age of 16, moving to size?, and eventually to working on women’s product lines at Nike’s UK headquarters.

Kickslove sports a cool yet welcoming atmosphere, which is rounded off with a stylish graffiti floor from internationally-celebrated Deptford artist INSA and R&B/soul-focused playlists picked by staff member Priscilla, who is also a singer.


Sneaker haven Kickslove gets Music Makeover

DJ Melody Kane


In September Kickslove was voted the winner of PRS for Music’s prestigious Music Makeover competition for retailers, which was launched seven years ago to showcase and raise awareness of the important effect that music can have on local businesses. An expert judging panel was impressed by Weber’s vision of how music could develop Kickslove, with concepts for a future live music element as well as enhancing the current background music set-up.


Sneaker haven Kickslove gets Music Makeover



As part of Kickslove’s celebrations – which took place on Monday and marked its first birthday as well as its Music Makeover win – acclaimed rapper Flohio (FADER, Dazed) Aletha Vandross, DJ Melody Kane and Priscilla performed live in-store to a crowd of fashionistas, influencers and sneaker lovers. The £5,000 prize, which also included bespoke expert advice from music producer Steve Levine, will allow Kickslove to host more live performances.


Sneaker haven Kickslove gets Music Makeover

May 1 and Priscilla


As part of the prize, PRS for Music have provided Kickslove with a new surround-sound speaker system that will create an enhanced music experienced in the sneaker store for both customers and staff. This is achieved using two dedicated amps and eight new speakers plus a sub-speaker. A new iPad and iTrack dock allow to seamlessly store and control music playback from a safe and secure area of the store. PRS have also provided the store with a new PA system allowing to host in-store performances and DJ events. For the DJ events PRS provided a new digital DJ controller. The prize also includes basic backline, including a couple of microphones and mic stands to allow performers to plug and play. Finally, PRS has provided Kickslove with a new widescreen TV and TV stand so its various collaborations with artists and musicians can be displayed at the front of the shop, as well as during dedicated fashion events.


Sneaker haven Kickslove gets Music Makeover

Aletha Vandross


“Thank you so much PRS for Music! Sneaker culture and music are so tightly linked together so we are thrilled to be celebrating our first birthday with such a great prize. We’re so excited to host more live music as well as playing great playlists for our customers every day,” says Lisa Barlow Weber.

Nigel Elderton, PRS for Music chairman, comments: “Kickslove manager Lisa Barlow Weber demonstrated a real passion for music in her Music Makeover entry and her ideas for both audio and visual use throughout the store was both innovative and exciting. Judges were unanimous in their support for Kickslove and I am looking forward to seeing how the store adds more music going forward.”


Sneaker haven Kickslove gets Music Makeover


PRS for Music represents the rights of songwriters, composers and music publishers in the UK and around the world. As a membership organisation the company ensures creators are paid whenever their music and songs are played, performed, broadcast or reproduced in public and provides business and community groups with access to 22.2 million songs through its music licences. With over 100 representation agreements in place globally, PRS for Music’s network represents over two million music creators.



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