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Saint Tropez rebrands in bid to strengthen international sales

Danish fashion brand Saint Tropez is embarking on a major rebranding process initiated by new CEO Sofie Lindahl-Jessen, who joined the company in October. The relaunch is set to strengthen international sales and ‘reinvent the brand’s relevance in the market’, the company has stated.

The process will encompass a new visual identity, a refocused retail strategy, including an emphasis on wholesale growth, as well as a stronger design profile.

“We have become too irrelevant and impersonal in our messaging. The Saint Tropez woman may not be a first-mover, but she is acutely aware of what she likes, and we need to cater for this in the way we communicate with her,” says Lindahl-Jessen. “I am extremely excited about our new visual identity and convinced that customer loyalty and awareness will increase, generating a renewed preference within our target group. We do have relatively high awareness in our key markets, but we have really lacked a clear and strong profile,” she adds.

A new logo, retail interior and a more edited and streamlined collection are at the core of the developments, which will be initially implemented across the brand’s 40 mono-brand stores, before being also rolled out to its more than 1000 retail partners across Europe. Wholesale growth will be key, with Lindahl-Jessen looking to actively expand the number of St Tropez stockists on international level. “We aim to grow sales through new dealers with a strong customer base, as well as by working much more with shop-in-shop concepts at selected dealers to present our monthly express collections carrying the latest trending items” she says.

A new design signature is set to be introduced for a/w 18, led by head of design Anna Juul Jepsen, in addition to the introduction of more flexible NOOS ranges which will give retailers the option to choose individual sizes and colours. “The market demands that we are flexible towards individual store requirements to allow them to meet customer expectations. We have a very strong NOOS collection and the improved availability and flexibility will be a decisive parameter for existing and new dealers alike,” she explains.

The a/w 18 collection is a cornucopia of delicate and feminine details and tactile fabrics, as well as introducing a ‘sustainable choice’, with jeans washed with less than a cup of water and T-shirts made from organic cotton.



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