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Regent Street welcomes sustainable luxury brand Bottletop

Sustainable luxury accessories brand Bottletop has opened a store on 84 Regent Street in London. Marrying industrial design with contemporary art, the brand set out to create an entirely new kind of environment through the development of its flagship retail concept.

Inspired by the sculpture of a can minus the ring pull created by Turner Prize winning contemporary artist Rachel Whiteread for Bottletop – a tongue in cheek play on the negative space of the metal not used in the Bottletop designs, the brand’s co-founder Oliver Wayman set out to expound and multiply this concept to create a metal canopy, which could frame and support the presentation of the collection and alter the sensation of the space.

Wayman worked in partnership with award winning London based architects Krausse to develop a 3D modelling of how this could look in the space and then set about carrying out the build. Over 2700 cans were individually suspended over a ten day build, each individually treated and hung at length that were precise to the millimetre. Shelving is wrapped in certified zero deforestation leather from Sao Matheus Farm in Alto Floresta while consoles are wrapped in re-purposed sheet aluminium.

“For the first time, visitors to our store will be able to witness the sustainable use of this technology first hand while shopping the Bottletop collection and learning about the mission of the brand. This is so exciting for us as our customers can watch the transformation of the store, from a clean exhibition space to an up-cycled ecosystem,” says Wayman.

The design vision for the space is completed by flooring made from up-cycled rubber tyres, a bespoke in-store scent from renowned perfumer Timothy Han, and a series of bespoke playlists from record producer Mario C, the visionary behind Beastie Boys and Bjork recordings, who produced the Bottletop band album featuring Carl Barat (Libertines), Matt Helders (Arctic Monkeys) and Gruff Rhys.

Wayman continues: “The store will offer an inspiring immersive experience that blends future-facing ecological conscience with time-honoured craftwork, through which our customers can truly learn about BOTTLETOP’s award winning collection and our vision for the future.”

Underlying all of the BOTTLETOP creative processes is a mission to use design to empower artisans and support the fragile resources of our planet.



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