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Catriona Hanly in front of mirror

What is your background?
The Catriona Hanly brand was established 13 years ago. I studied at both Central St Martin’s in London and The Barbara Bourke College of Fashion in Dublin. Having originally established a jewellery line in over 350 boutiques in Ireland, the UK and the US, I went on to deliver interiors projects in leading hotels and private residences across the globe all the while gathering ideas and stimulation for fabrics and finish, developing a unique and inimitable style.  A fashion collection seemed the next logical step!


What inspired your brand?
I started a fashion brand as I wanted to create timeless heritage pieces that make a unique style statement, season after season. Our collections have caught the attention of celebrities worldwide including Wolf of Wall Street actress Madison McKinley in LA; Amanda Byram, Victoria Smurfit and Vogue Williams in London, as well as Daniella Moyles, Ash Quinn and Alison Canavan in Dublin to name but a few.


What is the signature style of the range?
My signature style would have to be my Chantilly lace thatcher bow blouse that includes collar and cuff detailing – accompanied by my luxury tuxedo suits.


What are the predicted bestsellers for the collection?
Without a shadow of a doubt my Chantilly lace blouses along with my silk organza blouses, as the price points are very good for the quality of the fabric used. Also my A Line silk dresses along with my tuxedo suits – as these are both pieces I feel everyone should have in their wardrobe.

The key colours that I used in this collection are fresh salmon, a rich cream gold, a light sky blue and black of course, as it sells all year round.

I have kept this collection very streamlined, elegant with a touch off opulence -as I have used only 3 different types of fabrics, anything in silk and organza has been kept plain.

The only print that I have used is a floral within my Chantilly lace bow blouses. Shapes of dresses are quite A Line, again I kept it quite simple to suit a wide range of customers.


Catriona Hanly 3 looks


What are your brand adjacencies?
Alice & Olivia, Joya, Paul & Joe, Red Valentino, See By Chloe.


Who is your core customer?
Due to my attention to detail and the quality fabric that I use, my target market would be ladies aged 40+ who have an appreciation for fabrics, plus attention to detail and also have the confidence to wear the pieces.


Who are your targeted stockists?
Our targeted boutiques would be mid to high-end boutiques in affluent areas throughout the UK and Ireland. For 2018 we would like to achieve 15+ new UK accounts and grow this by a further 15+ accounts in 2019 – with us growing into the larger boutiques through this period.


What is your market level?
I would say it’s affordable luxury, with wholesale prices ranging £114-£130 for blouses, £160-£249 for dresses, £160-£170 for jackets and £99-£120 for trousers.

For more information visit www.catrionahanly.com or call 07809253278 / 07971645528

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