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Chic Autumn entrance hall

CHIC Autumn is set to once again welcome around 850 exhibitors – around 400 from 20 foreign nations and regions – at the National Exhibition & Convention Center in Shanghai from 11 to 13 October.

As a result of increased environmental awareness and more stringent general requirements imposed by environmental legislation, China National Textile and Apparel Council together with China National Garment Association have created a new Sustainability Zone, an area entirely dedicated to sustainability covering 576 m² in Hall 2. A number of successful international companies from various product categories will present their concepts of sustainable development, including the likes of H&M, Zara and Puma, as well as Coca Cola from the food sector.

Cashmere specialist FTC Cashmere from Switzerland will also join this area and demonstrate its corporate concept of combining social responsibility and goat breeding. The company’s exemplary production is based on pure ecological credentials, with the brand having built a cashmere goat breeding farm in Shanxi province, China. Under the direction of experienced FTC Cashmere veterinarians, the goats are bred according to an environmentally sustainable farming concept, which other farms are now adopting. In addition, FTC Cashmere has built a school to provide education and a perspective for the children of their local workers. Seminars on social responsibility will also run alongside.

Meanwhile, responding to high demand, another new section will be dedicated to intelligent techniques for offering bespoke service to customers. Huapin Tailor and Stor Cezon will demonstrate practical design, production and cutting procedures.

Once again, Chic Autumn covers a total of 50,000 sqm across halls 2 and 3 of the exhibition centre, with clearly segmented areas which aid navigation and a targeted visit. Fashion journey showcases international participants, Urban view – menswear, New look – womenswear, Impulses – young designers, Secret stars – fashion accessories, Kid’s paradise – childrenswear, which will all be available in hall 2. Hall 3 meanwhile will showcase Heritage – leather/fur/downwear, Chic young blood – new generation street styles, and Ph value – body/beachwear as well as The unit, dedicated to supporting services in the whole process of design, production, sales.

Furthermore, an increasing number of upcoming companies that are successful in the Chinese market are joining Chic Autumn, including Suoryy, Luyu, Tudoo showroom, Dy, Zichen, Flyalone or UST.

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